rcsCloudConnect is a Software as a Service (SaaS) deployment of rcsConnect. This cloud-based service enables Rich Communication Services (RCS) without capital investment in new hardware or software infrastructure.

Mobile operators and enterprises can take advantage of rcsCloud for:

VoIP & WiFi Calling

  • Enables peer to peer VoIP calls on WiFi & LTE access networks
  • Terminate VoIP Calls from WiFi to Circuit Switched (CS) Network
  • Receive Circuit Switched Calls as VoIP Calls on WiFi
  • Compliant with IR.92 standards related to Voice Calling

Presence Server

  • Service Discovery & Presence Notifications
  • Share availability information
  • 'Avatar', or profile picture management

Video Calling

  • Enables peer to peer Video calls on WiFi & LTE access networks
  • Compliant with IR.94 standards related to Video Calling

Network API Gateways

  • External Rest based API for thirdparty software developers
  • Access the functionality of chat, group chat, and file transfer
  • Support WebRTC applications

IP Messaging

  • RCS 1 to 1 Instant Messaging (CPM, SIMPLE, UP 1.0)
  • Group Chat Instant Messaging
  • Store and Forward Functionality for offline users
  • Delivery, Read and Typing indications

Common Message Store

  • Persistently Stores chat, group chat, file transfer history & content
  • Allows history to be synchronized across devices
  • Configurable retention policies

File Transfer

  • File Transfer Buffering
  • File Transfer Pause and Resume
  • File Transfer Store & Forward (for offline users)

Client Configuration Server

  • Manage Downloadable & Embedded Client Configurations
  • Perform non GSM device Authentication
  • Classes of service by device or end-user client type

Visual Voicemail

  • OMTP v1.3 Interface & OMTP v1.1 to v1.3 Gateway
  • Common Message Store used to store and retrieve voicemail
  • Integration of Visual Voicemail with RCS Conversational History

IP to SMS Gateway

  • Bidirectional integration between IP Messaging & SMS
  • Transport Layer (TLI) & Service Layer (SLI) Interworking
  • Supports both VoLTE & RCS Terminals

rcsCloudConnect is ideal for the following:

  • Pilot & Market Trials – The solution can be rapidly deployed to support technical pilot trials and consumer focused market trials
  • Rapid Response to Market Conditions –  Quickly deploy services to achieve a competitive edge
  • Efficient Consolidation – Unify communication services across a distributed organization.
  • Small Country Launches – Multiple operators within a single country can select the same hosted solution (operated by a neutral third-party) to simplify interoperability and ensure a simultaneous launch
  • Capital Restricted – Operators who face restrictions on capital expenditures can selected a hosted solution to minimize up-front costs of purchasing hardware and licenses