rcsConnect is a Rich Communication Services (RCS) software platform that enables the GSMA Unified Profile allowing mobile operators, enterprises and others to rapidly deploy Voice (VoWiFi, VoIP), Video (ViLTE), IP Messaging, Presence, WebRTC, and more.

Features enabling subscriber services and new combinations of communication include:

VoIP & WiFi Calling

  • Enables peer to peer VoIP calls on WiFi & LTE access networks
  • Terminate VoIP Calls from WiFi to Circuit Switched (CS) Network
  • Receive Circuit Switched Calls as VoIP Calls on WiFi
  • Compliant with IR.92 standards related to Voice Calling

Presence Server

  • Service Discovery & Presence Notifications
  • Share availability information
  • 'Avatar', or profile picture management

Video Calling

  • Enables peer to peer Video calls on WiFi & LTE access networks
  • Compliant with IR.94 standards related to Video Calling

Network API Gateways

  • External Rest based API for thirdparty software developers
  • Access the functionality of chat, group chat, and file transfer
  • Support WebRTC applications

IP Messaging

  • RCS 1 to 1 instant Messaging (CPM or SIMPLE)
  • Group Chat Instant Messaging
  • Store and Forward Functionality for offline users
  • Delivery, Read and Typing indications

Common Message Store

  • Persistently Stores chat, group chat, file transfer history & content
  • Allows history to be synchronized across devices
  • Configurable retention policies

File Transfer

  • File Transfer Buffering
  • File Transfer Pause and Resume
  • File Transfer Store & Forward (for offline users)

Client Configuration Server

  • Manage Downloadable & Embedded Client Configurations
  • Perform non GSM device Authentication
  • Classes of service by device or end-user client type

Visual Voicemail

  • OMTP v1.3 Interface & OMTP v1.1 to v1.3 Gateway
  • Common Message Store used to store and retrieve voicemail
  • Integration of Visual Voicemail with RCS Conversational History

IP to SMS Gateway

  • Bidirectional integration between IP Messaging & SMS
  • Transport Layer (TLI) & Service Layer (SLI) Interworking
  • Supports both VoLTE & RCS Terminals

rcsConnect is a proven IP communication platform with “Industry Firsts” that include:

  • 1st Rich Communications platform without requiring an IMS
  • 1st GSMA accredited hosted RCS solution
  • 1st Cloud-based RCS platform

Key benefits include:

  • Fully compatible with VoLTE & RCS standards
  • Operates with or without an IMS enabled network
  • Integrates with circuit switched voice networks
  • Highly scalable & robust including redundancy
  • Designed for virtualized & NFV environments